Dell's repairable laptop concept looks like a game changer in 2023

The waste and inescapable obsolescence caused by wear and ongoing development are major problems in the electronics industry.

Concept Luna, a laptop that can be disassembled so that its components may be changed, improved, or recycled whenever necessary, is a game-changing invention by Dell.

Concept Luna proposes a laptop that allows for complete component replacement, including the memory, SSD, screen, keyboard, speakers, battery, and fan.

According to Dell, the idea has been developed further, and the modular architecture has been improved to reduce the use of screws and cables while removing the requirement for adhesives.

The device is modelled on Dell’s 13-inch Latitude, and Dell says the idea of the modular design is not only to allow repairs and upgrades, but also to allow the components to be easily removed for reuse.