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Searching for Dell Laptop Charger Near Me?

If you have lost your Dell Laptop Charger or your Dell laptop adapter is burnt? we provide the highest quality replacement Laptop Chargers & AC Adapters home delivery across Mumbai at very minimum rate. Aquila It Solutions is the leading supplier of original Dell Laptop Chargers, AC and Power Adapters of all brands.


All Laptop Chargers are supplied from reputable manufacturers with high quality components that are fully compliant for the Indian market. We have a wide range of the latest and old Laptop Adapters for over thousands of different laptop models.

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Buy DELL 65W Laptop Adapter in Mumbai

The DELL 65W Genuine Original Laptop Adapter is a superb wired adapter designed specifically for DELL computers. This laptop charger’s male-to-female connection allows it to be used with any corded electrical power source. The charger’s wattage of 65 watts allows for speedy charging of laptops, making it an ideal alternative for people who need to charge up their gadgets quickly. The adapter has one total USB port, allowing several devices to be charged at the same time. The sleek black style of the charger gives a touch of elegance and class to any office. The laptop charger and adapter are included in the packaging, making it simple and quick to install and use right away. Overall, the DELL 65W Genuine Original Laptop Adapter is a reliable and efficient alternative for individuals looking for a high-quality laptop charger for their DELL computers.

Dell AC Adapter Price in Mumbai

The Dell 45W Laptop Charger Adapter is a handy device developed for Dell laptop users. This adapter provides a quick and easy charging experience, giving 19.5V, 2.31A output power with a frequency of 50/60 Hz and a 100-240V input power range. It has a small smart pin layout (4.5mm) and is compatible with a wide range of Dell laptop models, including Inspiron, XPS, Vostro, and Chromebook models. Furthermore, it is compatible with a variety of component numbers and comes with a free power cord courtesy of the vendor. This sleek black adapter is an essential item for every Dell laptop owner, with a 1-year guarantee protecting against any malfunctions or technological accidents.

Dell Laptop Charger Shop Near Me

Call or WhatsApp for Original Dell Laptop Charger Delivery at Home Near Andheri, Powai, Malad, Goregaon, Borivali, Bandra, Kandivali, Santacruz, Juhu, Jogeshwari, Mulund, Bhandup, Vikhroli, Kanjurmarg, Kurla, Khar, Dahisar, Vile Parle, Ram Mandir, Sion, Wadala Road, GTB Nagar.

Some Common Dell Laptop Charger Problems​

  • Dell laptop charger laptop charger burnt

  • Dell laptop charger laptop charger burnt

  • Dell laptop charger becomes very hot

  • Dell laptop charger blinking when plug in

  • Dell laptop charger beeping and not charging

  • Dell laptop charger cord damaged

  • Dell laptop charger disconnects and connects

  • Dell laptop charger gets off when connected to laptop

  • Dell laptop adapter stopped working

Dell Laptop AC Adapter Mumbai

A laptop won’t charge correctly if its power adapter is broken or damaged. Fortunately, it’s easy to diagnose whether you need a new adapter or just a new power cord. Simply swap out your laptop’s current power cord for another one (you can use any other charger that uses an AC adapter). If your computer charges correctly with another cord, you should purchase a dell ac adapter replacement.

Dell 2YK0F 65w USB Type-C Original Laptop Battery Charger

If your Dell Laptop Type C Charger is lost or not charging the battery properly or it is not working fine, then contact us at 9004029090 to Buy a Original Dell 2YK0F 65W USB Type-C Charger Today at Best Price from Aquila It Solutions. All Dell Laptop Charger which we sell is made by Dell and supported by Dell with 1 Year Limited Warranty throughout India.





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